Friday, February 2, 2018

University Bible Fellowship is like free masons

Views expressed do not necessarily represent those of University Bible Fellowship or the Freemasons
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You primarily only join UBF by an endorsement from a recruiter.  Once you join you are taught an outer layer of teachings with symbols.  You are misled in the beginning as to the meaning of the symbols but may eventually learn their real meaning as you progress.  The ultimate meaning of the symbols is to use every part of the Bible to teach a hierarchical structure of obedience  but symbols are initially misrepresented as a way to help people grow in love for God by learning to obey God's commands by faith.

There may also be a common protestant teaching about not entering heaven by good works but receiving salvation as a free gift only through gnosis or believing the correct set of facts they call the gospel, this protestant teaching is used for evil as forgiveness is used as a license for sin while simultaneously the gnosis salvation makes people afraid to listen to contrary viewpoints because it you do believe something other than the only correct gospel or believe the wrong gospel you will be eternally condemned.  Free masons allegedly take a blood oath in which if you reveal the wrong information to people you agree to suffer a horrible fate of death but saying a prayer to be saved is used as a threat of a fate potentially worse than a blood oath for now you believe you have eternal life but if you recant on your belief in the only true gospel by listening to other points of view it is not merely destroying your body but your entire soul is eternally condemned.

Although many UBF teachers teach once saved always saved if someone processed the belief in the only true gospel with all the correct tenets but then changed their belief to another gospel, people will say they do not profess the only true gospel so were never saved to begin with.  As such ones salvation is always on the line.

Those who are truly saved will also hear the fruit of salvation recruiting new members but when they recruit them the cycle of deception continues a baby will choke if you feed it a banana without cutting it into small chunks the Pastors wife told me and so you can not give someone all the truth at once.  Like the Free masons allegedly do, the new recruits will not be taught the real meaning of the symbols and the rituals or in this case the Bible study and training initially just as you can not feed a baby a whole banana or it will choke.

Now the Mormons have a free mason legacy through Joseph Smith.  Like University Bible Fellowship some Mormons get offended if you teach the sacred(secret) Mormon teachings before the proper time in the recruitment process.

This is why people write complaints on ex member forums when we teach the inner secrets of UBF.  Not because it is a false representation of University Bible Fellowship but because we are teaching them the real teachings too early in the recruitment process and breaking the commitment to secrecy of the public secret society known as University Bible Fellowship.  Some however will be offended because they have not reached our level and learned the true teachings yet and are sincerely offended.

To these people I can laugh just like a higher level member of a secret order laughs at initiates but should I really do this because it makes me feel better than politely telling the truth only to be publicly mocked by ignorant initiates of a lower level than me.

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